A Dawn over Washington College for the Ages

The sky was such a vivid shade of purple as the sun made its way toward the horizon, it made the landscape other-worldly. The soft glow of lights twinkling in windows on the campus of Washington College and the Chester River, with its purple hue and light mist rising from the water, were an incredible contrast to the overcast sky and brilliant reds and oranges appearing on the horizon. 

We experience sunrises like this occasionally but seldom from this viewpoint. We love flying drones for this reason--to capture unique views from totally new perspectives. 

Enjoy these aerial photos of Washington College in Chestertown, MD. Here's to more spectacular sunrises like this on the Eastern Shore. We will be ready to capture them with our drone.

Washington College Sunrise Dawn
Washington College Dawn_2.jpg
Washington College Dawn_3.jpg

by Sam Shoge

Sam Shoge founded Shore Studios in the spring of 2017 to capture photography and videography of the Eastern Shore and Chesapeake lifestyle from new, aerial perspectives. Using sophisticated drone technology, Shoge is passionate about bringing a new dimension to storytelling regarding what makes the Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Bay so special.