Featured Listing: Shipyard Creek Refuge

With Shipyard Creek to the East and prime farmland to the West, it’s easy to believe that this waterfront listing, nestled in dense woods, is truly away from it all.

In away, it is.

Offering 5-acres along Shipyard Creek, this 3-bedroom listing, right off Elizabeth’s Lane, includes sweeping waterfront views, a tennis court, and private dock.

While the home gives off a ‘tucked-away refuge’ vibe—with a long, wood-flanked road leading to the residence, and a dense canopy surrounding the home—for those wishing to not be so secluded, the home is just over 5-minutes drive from Rock Hall.

Gunther McClary Real Estate hired Shore Studios to capture drone photography of this residence. To find out more information and to see photos of this home listed by Christine Burgess, click here.

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by Sam Shoge

Sam Shoge founded Shore Studios in the spring of 2017 to capture photography and videography of the Eastern Shore and Chesapeake lifestyle from new, aerial perspectives. Using sophisticated drone technology, Shoge is passionate about bringing a new dimension to storytelling regarding what makes the Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Bay so special.