Shore Studios to Produce Documentary for WC Men's Lacrosse

Roy Kirby, Jr. Stadium.jpeg

Shore Studios was selected by Washington College Men's Lacrosse to produce a 5-part documentary about the history and tradition of the program. Focusing on what makes the College's program so unique, Shore Studios partnered with Justinian Dispenza of Andover Media to capture unique aspects of WC men's lacrosse, ranging from the parent perspective of the program to the life of a student-athlete at Washington College. 

Video production for the documentary included filming practices, games, and interviews with players, parents, alums, and coaches. Episode 1 "History and Tradition," highlights the deep passion Washington College has for lacrosse and is available for viewing below. 

Do you or your company have a long tradition of passionately doing something unique? Consider a short documentary style video to truly showcase what you take pride in.

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by Sam Shoge

Sam Shoge founded Shore Studios in the spring of 2017 to capture photography and videography of the Eastern Shore and Chesapeake lifestyle from new, aerial perspectives. Using sophisticated drone technology, Shoge is passionate about bringing a new dimension to storytelling regarding what makes the Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Bay so special. To learn more about Shore Studios and how to schedule an aerial photography session, click here.